#94 How Negative Gearing Can Hurt Your Property Investment

Rick Otton takes an in-depth look into negative gearing with one of his students from Melbourne – Leckie. Listen to this week’s latest podcast to catch these highlights: The ups and downs of buy and hold strategy 3 elements of successful negative gearing What happens when you buy an overpriced house How to get 40 calls for a property for sale in just 4 weeks Letting the buyer take charge of their transactions Why it’s better to make money rather… read more

#93 The Power Of Seller Finance Revealed!

It’s another week, and another new podcast. Special guest Paul joins Rick to discuss the power of seller finance strategies. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS How to benefit from giving others what they want Are you using internet marketing to your advantage? How Paul made $40k while drinking coronas on a cruise! How seller finance terms can benefit you Terms vs Cash…which one produces faster results? Joint Ventures The importance of learning from your mistakes

#92 Property Investment Secrets Revealed!

Have you got your pen and paper ready? Learn the ins and outs of Rick’s popular property investment strategies – how they work and why efficiency is the key in growing a successful property portfolio. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Why renovations aren’t necessarily the money-maker How will low interest rates affect you? Why you should buy within 10km of the GPO of your area of interest All you need to know about negative gearing Why bankruptcy is never the solution Why systems,… read more

#91 Everything You Need to Know About the New Credit Act

Rick talks about the New Credit Act and how it will benefit you. Listen to this week’s podcast: Good Debt vs Bad Debt What is FICO scoring and how will it affect you? Vendor Finance and why it will become more popular amongst buyers and sellers Do you have an exit strategy? The 5 items that are guaranteed to increase in value

#90 Buying and Selling Houses…Remotely!

Rick and Andy talk with UK student, Sue who gives us the low-down on the UK property market and how she completes all of her deals remotely! Podcast Highlights: Hear about Andy’s latest trip to Hawaii. How to buy a house from a seller over the phone…from a different country! Is life balance important to you? Sue explains the ripple effect of the current UK property cycle Why you need to use automated processes and strategies (if you don’t already)… read more

#89 Why It’s Important to Target the Right Market

Rick and Andy talk about the beauty of target market messaging and it’s importance in growing your property porfolio. Highlights: Are you targeting the right market? Crafting the perfect message for your target market Finding the correct language to communicate with real estate agents and home buyers Andy shares his time management secrets What to do when you owe more money on your house than it’s worth Is research into your potential buyers background important? Rick’s preferred clients

#88 DIY Tools To Maximise Your Property Return

Are you using the right tools to ensure your property success? In this podcast: Which software tools will help you work out a desired market price The specific questions to ask a buyer to unlock potential cashflow Kevin walks us through his recent transaction which landed him $70,000 in profit How Buyer and Seller attraction systems can help you sell a house in just 8 hours How you can buy your dream home without a deposit

#87 Andy’s Secrets Revealed!

Andy shares some tips on how new property investors can effectively deal with sellers to create desired outcomes for both parties. Tune in to hear: “It’s like asking a vego to eat steak” – Why effective and relevant communication is the key to unlocking seller motivations Insights into buyer and seller psychology The power of making mistakes when you first start The advantages of third party referrals How andy uses Skype from his home office to run his business Andy’s… read more

#86 Australia and UK Real Estate Cycle

This week Andy I and I have a look at Australia and the UK property boom and what it means for you, how to jump on board and why NOW is the perfect time to get involved. Have a listen to this week’s latest episode: Andy’s trip to Hawaii The big turn in the Real Estate Cycle and how you can profit What does this mean for you? The power of increasing productivity What’s the right property investing tool for… read more

#85 A Salute to Seller Finance

Join us as my student, Andy, shares his inspiring journey from serving in the military to settling back in Australia and discovering a new career that gives him financial freedom and allows him more time to spend with his young family. Tune in to this week’s latest episode and catch these highlights: The pitfalls of entrusting your property portfolio with somebody else How seller finance works in a rising market The hidden benefits of joint ventures