#42 Starting With the End in Mind

Secrets to Success | Creative Real Estate InvestingAre you one of those people who often set goals that you want to achieve before actually starting with a new venture? And do you find yourself not being able to achieve those goals? Do you ask yourself how you arrive to where you are now – working the job you’re now working – and where you want to go from there?

That’s actually what this podcast is all about: setting goals and making sure you achieve them. And it all starts in making a change of mind set. This is why instead of setting goals, we’re going to discuss about thinking with the end in mind.

In this podcast, Ben and I will talk about the importance of thinking with the end in mind and how you could actually do it. From this podcast, you’ll basically learn about:

  • Tips to knowing the exact strategy that you will use to profit from each property transaction before you even walk through the front door
  • How to breakdown your goals in little baby steps which rapidly move you forward
  • How mistakes can be your biggest teachers
  • Plus a real life example of how this way of setting goals could actually be used in creative real estate investing

Tune in now and get instant access to starting with the end in mind!

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