#43 Student Greg Says ‘Yes’ To Positive Cash Flow!

Creative Real Estate | Positive Cash Flow PropertiesHow do you start in property investing? Let’s hear it from someone who has successfully invaded the real estate market and how he made it this far. Sure, real estate books and seminar helps, but nothing beats first-hand experience!

Join us in this podcast as Ben and I chat to student Greg Dixon and shares his story on how he got started in the property game. Aside from sharing his real estate story, Greg will also reveal some strategies he used to keep him motivated and boost his creative property transactions in his first 12 months!

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • The most common newbie mistakes and how to use them as a tool
  • The REAL reason why people get into the creative real estate game
  • Marketing tips to getting RED HOT transactions in your suburbs
  • How negative geared properties can be turned to create a monthly cash cow

Plus much, much more!

Greg’s story will surely inspire you to get going in the real estate investing market. Plus with everything he revealed in this podcast, you’ll never want to stop doing houses. You’ll just keep going and going. Tune in now to unravel how Greg Dixon, one of my successful students, is able to live his dream and enjoy the lifestyle he has always been looking for.

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  1. Hi Guys
    Loved Greg Dixons’ story. Your tool box Rick has certainly opened up a new world for Greg as I believe it wil for me,given time

    >>>corrected typo in web details in second post <<<

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