#44 Five Easy Steps To Working With Real Estate Agents!

How to Work with Real Estate Agents | Creative Real EstateWhen dealing houses, there’ll always be a time when you’ll have to deal with a real estate agent. And let’s admit that most of the time, it’s very difficult to deal with these agents because we don’t always see eye to eye. They have a different way of doing things, and so do we.

Now, we can’t always avoid them, so in this podcast, Ben and I will talk about how best to negotiate with real estate agents and create a deal where everyone leaves happy. So, here are what’s in store for you in this podcast:

  • A five-step process on how to effectively and creatively negotiate with even the most difficult real estate agents
  • Understanding how real estate agents think, and how they work
  • Tips on how to make the agent act for the buyer
  • The importance of allowing time and building rapport with the agent
  • Plus everything you need to know about working with real estate agents!

Instead of avoiding real estate agents, I’ll teach you how to work effectively with them, not against them.

Join Ben and I in this podcast as we unravel five easy steps on how to work and negotiate with these guys in suits.

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