#45 Former Soldier Turns Property Strategist!

Creative Real Estate | Property Investing | Rick OttonA lot of people get negatively geared properties at one point in their lives. These people usually think that with a negatively geared property, the property actually doubles in price every seven to ten years. So they know that they’ll get every penny lost in paying for the property now after seven years plus their profit and a tax deduction check each year. The truth for most people, however, is that properties actually go backwards instead of holding or going up its value.

In this podcast, join Ben and I as we listen to one of my students, Andy, and his story on how he turned two very negatively geared properties into a positive cash flow income stream.

Andy will share tips on:

  • How to turn your negative geared properties to positive cash flow
  • How to help people achieve home ownership through creative real estate
  • Working with your partner effectively in this property business
  • Getting your head around property investment strategies and adding your own flare to it

Tune in now listen to Andy’s shares his powerful journey!

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