#47 EPIC One-Page Contracts Released!

Creative Real Estate | One Page ContractsAre you always presented with big fat contracts every time you’re entering into a negotiation? Were you often required to read through a hundred pages prior to making your decision and signing?

What if you could enter a negotiation, consider your options, make a decision, and sign all in one day? Just suppose there is a much easier, simpler, and quicker way to deal houses without requiring you to go through a hundred-page contract. Just imagine buying several houses at once, in one day, without the hassles of trying to understand a contract written in old Shakespeare.

In this podcast, Chris Jackson will discuss with us how we turned those big fat contracts into a single-page contract and why we should start using them now! Among the things that Chris will share include:

  • How the one-page real estate contracts were created
  • What the purpose of the one page contract is and why the old way is so outdated
  • How we made buying real estate faster and easier by using a one-page real estate contract
  • Plus, more on the huge opportunities and benefits from the use of one-page real estate contracts!

Listen in now to this week’s podcast as this one will leave a mark on history and the way EVERYONE transacts property forever!

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2 Responses to #47 EPIC One-Page Contracts Released!

  1. Abigail says:

    Guys, guys, guys, you are brilliant!!! Where do I get the contracts and agreements? Abigail S – Melbourne

    • Rick Otton says:

      Hi Abigail,

      Thanks for your compliment. We are all grateful that you enjoy our shows. Hope you keep keep tuning in. And feel free to ask questions or give your comments and suggestions.

      Regarding the one-page contracts and agreements, they are only available to Go-Direct mentoring students.


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