#50 Former Banker To Student To Full Time Property Entrepreneur!

How to Become a Full Time Property EntrepreneurTim Hart, one of my students, shares amazing tips on how he transitioned from working as a banker to a full time real estate entrepreneur. Here are the highlights of this week’s podcast:

4:18 – How to become a full time property entrepreneur

11:04 – Tips on getting started in the property game

Plus, some useful tips on your journey towards real estate success:

14:35 – Working efficiently with real estate agents

15:50 – Keeping track of your deals

19:50 – Buy property in any market

26:26 – Doing property transactions regardless of your financial status

Tune in now to this week’s episode and learn how you can become a successful full time property entrepreneur just like Tim. If you want to listen to our previous episodes or get a transcript of this week’s podcast, go to http://www.creativerealestate.com.au.

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