#51 Sheree’s Journey From IT to Property

Sheree Becker, one of my students, shares in this week’s episode how she makes money by solving other people’s problems at the same time. Sheree will share, her unique and innovative ways of transacting houses.

Podcast Highlights:

02:59 ­ Meet Sheree ­ full time property innovator
03:46 ­ How Sheree went from working in IT to real estate
08:05 ­ The advantages of the Instalment Contract strategy
09:52 ­ How to close a deal without even seeing the house first
10:45 ­ Why and how do outrageous and ugly marketing work
13:48 ­ How to successfully market houses involved in using the internet
14:40 ­ How to ensure the seller is looked after
18:16 ­ How to do joint ventures based on what the seller needs
19:47 ­ Why should you allow buyers and sellers to do the talking
21:43 ­ How easily to make buyers and sellers accept your creative solution
22:36 ­ How to turn something that’s not a deal into a deal

Tune in now and get expert tips from an expert student, Sheree Becker!

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