#90 Buying and Selling Houses…Using the Internet

Rick and Andy talk with UK student, Sue who gives us the low-down on the UK property market and how she completes all of her deals using the internet!

Podcast Highlights:

  • Hear about Andy’s latest trip to Hawaii.
  • How to buy a house from a seller over the phone…from a different country!
  • Is life balance important to you?
  • Sue explains the ripple effect of the current UK property cycle
  • Why you need to use automated processes and strategies (if you don’t already)
  • What is a letter of authority and why do you need one?
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One Response to #90 Buying and Selling Houses…Using the Internet

  1. Colin Greig says:

    Thanks Rick, great content as usual.
    I did your 3 day bootcamp nearly 8 years ago… Brilliant.
    Then I went and did the wage thing. Der !!!
    I feel I have wasted 8 years as I am no better off now, than I was then.
    My thoughts now … Giddy Up. There is no holding me back.

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