#81 Q&A Time With Rick!

You sent in your questions to support@creativerealestate.com.au; now Rick Otton, the host of Australia’s top real estate podcast, will answer them one by one in this latest podcast! Here are this week’s podcast highlights: No money on the table means no deal; Create an agreement first before you research; Making effective signs; Tips on how to speak with real estate agents; The attraction of saying “buckets of cash”; Taking things one step at a time; Where to find the best… read more

#80 Property Investment At Any Age

The host of Australia’s top real estate podcast, Rick Otton, is joined by Carl Williams, a semi-retired businessman turned property investor, to share how creative strategies convinced him to leave an already comfortable retirement. These are the highlights from this week’s podcast: Deciding which house to take or not; How to get cash flow, while making other people pay the bills on a house; Benefits of selling your own house; Tips on selling a house in just one weekend; Go to… read more

#79 How To Buy A Multi-Million House For A Pound!

Rick Otton, the host of Australia’s top real estate podcast Creative Real Estate Show, invites Trish, one of his students from the UK, to share with listeners how she buys and sells multi-million dollar houses using creative strategies. You can expect these highlights in this week’s podcast: Trish’s career shift from nurse to property investor; How beginners can sell negatively geared properties; The pitfalls of buying and selling properties using the old way; How to get a 2-hour working day;… read more

#78 Property Boom or Property Gloom?

Rick Otton, the host of Australia’s top real estate podcast Creative Real Estate Show, is back with a timely and informative podcast about Australia’s so-called “property boom.” Here are the highlights of this newest podcast: The status of Australia’s real estate market after the elections; Is it a property boom or a property gloom? 2 reasons why it’s not a property boom; Where did the so-called boom start and when will it stop? How quantitative easing in the U.S. affects… read more

#77 It’s Q&A Time!

Rick Otton, the host of Australia’s top real estate podcast Creative Real Estate Show, answers your questions about his creative strategies in this week’s episode! Podcast Highlights: Doing home improvements before finding a buyer, go or no go? Preserve “life energy” with creative solutions What questions do you ask agents before making deals? The role of solicitors in creative property transactions Pros of using old loans for the ‘Buy and hold’ strategy How do you sell the idea of creative real… read more

#76 Frustrated Seller

Rick Otton, the host of Australia’s top real estate podcast Creative Real Estate Show, brings you another high-energy podcast as he talks with one of his students, Boaz about how he turned from being a frustrated seller into a property investor who earned $60,000 back-end profit in just one transaction. Podcast Highlights: Frustrations of selling with a real estate agent Why the ‘hold and hope’ strategy doesn’t work How to use creative solutions as stepping stones to a home loan… read more

#75 How To Profit From Rural Properties

Many Aussies often picture the rural areas as one which involves vast tracts of land, a lot of farm animals walking around the fields, and buggies, but one secret that this quaint landscape hides very well is that it can be the key to your property wealth with the help of right processes. Jenny, one of Rick’s students from Queensland, shares in this podcast that she was able to build a property portfolio and get some cash flow through using… read more

#74 Surviving The “Growing Pains”

Greg and Erin, a husband and wife tandem from the Gold Coast, shares with the listeners of Creative Real Estate iTunes podcast some stories of how they began their careers as property investors using creative strategies. They admitted in the interview that the first transaction was very “nerve wracking” because they didn’t have initial rapport with their clients, but after getting to know them a little better selling the house became easier. Erin, a nurse, also tells her experience on… read more

#73 The Aussie Debt Crisis

Money habits of Aussies have definitely changed in the past decades. Before, the normal practice is to save up first then buy later, but, in the era of instant gratification, it has now changed to buy now then scramble with the payment later. Because of these behaviours, Aussies now have an average debt of $1.54 for every $1 they earn, while it was only around $0.40 for every $1 a few years back. This raises concerns because Australia will be… read more

#72 Britain And The Global Financial Crisis

How the global financial crisis (GFC) doomed multi-billion dollar corporations was the headline news on television and newspapers, but reports failed to give an in-depth look on how regular folks were affected by the global financial crisis. Ian, from Scarborough, England, shared during the interview that his dreams of earning big bucks from real estate investment crashed during the financial crisis of 2008. He recalled how he started out with a renovation project until the market started to “turn against… read more