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#101: Valuable Property Investment Advice!

I’m going to answer some property investment questions from 6 lucky listeners in my latest podcast. Tune in now to solve your property problem right away! Watch out for these hot topics in this week’s episode: How to get out of a negatively geared house Selling a half equity/ half mortgage property Recession proof strategy you can use in any market condition

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#100 How Real Estate Agents Can Help You

We’re talking about trade secrets on how make successful deals with real estate agents in this newest podcast. Listen to this episode and catch these highlights: The two step process: how to talk to real estate agents What’s in a deal? True measure of success

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Why Seller Finance Makes Sense In A Rising Market – Rick Otton Analysis

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland found that properties in the southern part of Brisbane’s CBD are among the fastest selling in Queensland. here is the average time to sell property in these areas:

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#99: Helpful Hints To Attract Sellers

One of my students, Shane, is returning this week to discuss with me some golden nuggets how he negotiates with sellers to get the green light to move forward. There are boat loads of other useful tips in this latest podcast such as: How to gauge if the seller is committed to selling their property How to set the desired outcome in advance of a meeting The benefit of using models

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#98: How To Stop Losing Money Through Your Investment Property

Discover how to make your investment property work for you, rather than working around the clock just to financially support your property. Say good bye to working two jobs just to pay all the bills, and give yourself the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Discover: Why you don’t need a second job to support your property How to break your goals down into smaller, achievable steps The big difference between Gen-Y and Baby Boomers

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#97: Back to Back Property Advice From Rick

Rick Otton gives back to back property advice about the most efficient way to earn money and how to keep it when property prices go down in this week’s action packed podcast. Listen up to catch these highlights: Why working hard doesn’t always mean getting rich Change the system to get into the residual income lifestyle What you should do to survive the downturn of property prices in mining towns

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