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#98: How To Stop Losing Money Through Your Investment Property

Discover how to make your investment property work for you, rather than working around the clock just to financially support your property. Say good bye to working two jobs just to pay all the bills, and give yourself the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Discover: Why you don’t need a second job to support your property How to break your goals down into smaller, achievable steps The big difference between Gen-Y and Baby Boomers

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Always Keep The End In Mind: Rick Otton Tips

Business Spectator revealed in a recent report last 9 April that overall growth for homebuyer and investor loans slowed down by 0.7 percent and 1.1 percent, respectively. And now, industry analysts are wondering if the slow down is a transition to a more sustainable pace of growth or if investor demand for Australian real estate is already exhausted.

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Street Smart Tips So You Can Buy Wisely in the 2014 Booming Market

We’re entering into a booming property market, having experienced a feverish start that began the day after the election. I estimate this will last 3-4 years and as with all market cycles, there will be periods of peaks and troughs as prices rise. There are 3 fundamental questions to ask that are key to buying wisely, yet most homebuyers and investors often fail to consider them before they dive in.

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Debate Over Property Boom “Pointless” According To Rick Otton

Your Investment Property Magazine’s 2014 January Market Report revealed that many experts are convinced that Sydney property prices will continue to grow over 2014, but the only thing in dispute is the duration and to what extent.

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Houses Don’t Have to Be out of Your Reach If You Buy Houses Creatively, Says Rick Otton

“2013 has been a tough year for first home buyers because of the continuous rise house prices. This trend, however, will continue on this year, but home buyers shouldn’t worry too much since creative strategies can help them buy real estate whether the property market is down or not,” commented Rick Otton, a mentor of many real estate experts in Australia.

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#60 Recession Proof Property

We have a very exciting show ahead of us. One of my former students from the UK, Fion Chen, will be our special guest. Tune in to hear her amazing story on how she used creative strategies to find property investment success despite all the challenges posed by the Global Financial Crisis. Among the golden nuggets she’ll reveal will include: How she got started immediately after attending boot camp How she made the transition from buying/selling property the traditional way to… read more

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