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#94 How Negative Gearing Can Hurt Your Property Investment

Rick Otton takes an in-depth look into negative gearing with one of his students from Melbourne – Leckie. Listen to this week’s latest podcast to catch these highlights: The ups and downs of buy and hold strategy 3 elements of successful negative gearing What happens when you buy an overpriced house How to get 40 calls for a property for sale in just 4 weeks Letting the buyer take charge of their transactions Why it’s better to make money rather… read more

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#92 Property Investment Secrets Revealed!

Have you got your pen and paper ready? Learn the ins and outs of Rick’s popular property investment strategies – how they work and why efficiency is the key in growing a successful property portfolio. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Why renovations aren’t necessarily the money-maker How will low interest rates affect you? Why you should buy within 10km of the GPO of your area of interest All you need to know about negative gearing Why bankruptcy is never the solution Why systems,… read more

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New Rick Otton Podcast Reveals Problems with Negative Gearing Property Investments

When it comes to property investing, negative gearing has, in the past, been one of the most popular strategies in Australia. But this notion has been turned on its head by real estate educator and self made millionaire, Rick Otton. In a recent Creative Real Estate iTunes podcast, he says negative gearing is counter-intuitive and only serves to put investors in a place of “losing as much money as they can”. During the special podcast with longtime student Greg Dixon, Mr… read more

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#70 As slick as possum poo… so he says!

Nathan has been a student of mine for 4 years and in this time was able to turn all of his properties around from negative to positive cash flow. Nathan reveals in this dynamic podcast episode: How he got started in real estate How you can keep moving forward in property even when the banks say no The FULL STORY: Very first creative property strategy The one most important thing when speaking to sellers! Plus much more. Enjoy! 🙂

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Podcast Reveals How To Turn A Negative Geared Property To Positive Cashflow

In another informative Creative Real Estate Podcast, Rick Otton, leading commercial property investment strategist, was joined by his student- Jovan Sari, an immigrant from Europe, who successfully transitioned from being an IT specialist into a Property Investing Expert and Solicitor in Australia through using Rick Otton’s world renowned investment strategies. Mr. Otton said, “I’ve always believed that anyone- regardless of their age, sex, or nationality- can be successful in property investment, and Jovan’s story is an excellent example how alternative property investment strategies can bring… read more

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New Podcast From Property Investment Strategist Rick Otton Reveals Ways For Reversing Negative Gearing

In the latest of his regular ‘Creative Real Estate’ podcasts, property investment specialist, Rick Otton, says that one of the greatest Australian tragedies is the belief in the power of negative gearing to achieve financial success. In the interview, with one of his successful students, alternative, profitable strategies are revealed. “Most people think that if they negative gear, their property will double in price every seven years, they’ll get this great tax deduction and it’s an easy street to making money,”… read more

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